The soil and climate in Enugu State can sustain the following crops:

Estimated Currents Annual Production

(i) Yam                               –                                      700, 000MT

(ii) Cassava                      –                                         330, 000MT

(iii) Cashew                                                       –         668, 335 Trees in production

1,040 tons of Cashew nuts

3,120 tons of Cashew apples

(iv) Peas                           –                                       NA

(v)   Maize                        –                                         60, 000 MT

(vi) Rice                             –                                       14, 000MT

(vii) Cow Pea                     –                                         1, 000MT

(viii) Melon                      –                                           13,000MT

(ix)   Poultry                                                       –         850, 000 Layer, 500,000 Broilers

(x)   Piggery                     –                                          100, 000MT

(xi)   Oil Palm                     –                                           Wild & Agricultural Species

(xii) Pigeon Pea               –                                           Do

(xiii) Sweet Potatoe           –                                            Do

(xiv) Kola (nut)                 –                                             Do

(xv) Castor Oil Seeds       –                                             Do

(Xvi) Plantains & Bananas –                                            Do

(xvii) Citrus (orange, Lemons & Crapes etc)           –       Do

(xviii) Mango                       –                                           Do

(xix)   Pine                         –                                       Approximately 700 hectares under cultivation, including a see rchard.






  1. Agricultural Extension services involving crop production (including pests and diseases control, training, seed multiplication and distribution as well as agricultural publicity)
  2. Animal production, husbandry and animal health (including provision of extension services to farmers)
  3. Conservation of land and water resources (including maintenance of soil fertility).
  4. Development and maintenance of farm structures.
  5. Fertilizer use and distribution.
  6. Provision of Agricultural Credit to farmers.
  7. Fish production (including provision of fishery extension services to farmers).
  8. Irrigation and drainage of agricultural lands.
  9. Food Preservation, Storage and Processing (including produce inspection).
  10. Provision of Veterinary Services (including dog health and licensing).
  11. Promotion of food and fibre production.
  12. Control of Agricultural Agencies and Parastatals (including Enugu State Agricultural Development Program ((ENADEP).
  13. Co-ordination of all State Agricultural Projects.
  14. Relation with the Federal Government, other State Governments and all External agencies in matters relating to Agricultural Development.
  15. Promotion of Programmes generally aimed at achieving higher income for farmers and improving their standard of living. . Administration and Supplies

Here Are10 Small Business Investment Opportunities In Enugu State

1. Farm Production

Since one of the highest occupations of those in Enugu is farming, then you can tap into this venture. You do not necessarily have to be the person who does the farming. You can decide to produce food crops, whilst you employ experienced farmers to help you. Some of the foods that can be produced include the following; garri, yam, cocoyam, amongst others.

2. Sales of Farm produce

Whilst the farmer is burdened with how to get the crops on the ground, as well as nurturing it till maturity, there are some who see to it that the foods are sold to the public. It is for that reason that you may engage in this business. Be sure to get fresh and good foods from the farm as soon as they are harvested. You may decide to have a shop where thee foods are displayed and sold. In all, it is important that the shop is well situated.

3. Palm Oil Production

Palm oil can also be produced in Enugu. If you have enough capital, then you can look at buying a palm tree plantation. On the other hand, if you do not have the capital required to nail this, then you can get supplies for the palm oil production.

4. Electronic Repairs

If you have a penchant for electronics, then you can consider starting an electronic repairs shop. First of all, this business requires that you have knowledge of what it takes to repair electronics. Thereafter, be sure that your shop is well situated.

5. Restaurant Business

Food plays a very important role in our human life and this is one fact restaurant owners in Enugu know too well. The competition in this industry is high, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t possibly key into this area of business. In starting out, you have got to be sure that you know how to cook too well in order to attract clients too soon.

6. Fast Food Business

In Enugu, there are folks who wouldn’t mind switching to fast foods when they are famished. It is for that reason that you may want to start a fast food business. You may consider taking a cue from the existing ones, so as to be conversant with how things are done. Be sure that you have enough money to furnish your fast food place with.

7. Second Hand Products

If you know you wouldn’t mind starting a consignment store, then you may consider starting this kind of business. There is ample opportunity to make great profit in this business. However, you have to decide on what you want to sell. It could be shoes, clothes, bags, and what have you.

8. Electronics Business

All over the world, there is the craze for gadgets and gizmos. Thus, you may key into this as this is also the case with folks in Enugu. Be sure that you have the latest gadgets in your store. Gadgets like; LCDs, 3Ds, as well as other electronics.

9. Recharge Card Business

One of the businesses that have continued to witness a boom since the inception of GSM in Nigeria is the recharge card business. You may as well take a cue from this venture and make your own profit too. Be sure to know the places to get the recharge cards, and at fair rates. You can also look into manufacturing the cards yourself as time goes on.

10. Boutique Business

Whilst the second hand clothes may be affordable and loved by many; yet the love for brand new clothes is still on the rise. This is because there are some people who would do all they can to wear only brand new accessories. You must first determine whether you want to deal in clothes, shoes, and what have you.


  • Finance and Accounts
  • Planning, Research & Statistics
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Production
  • Veterinary
  • Engineering
  • Fisheries


1.Veterinary School, Achi

2.Tractor Hiring Services

3.Fertilizer Procurement Distribution Co

4.United Palm Products Limited (UPPL)

5.ADARICE Production Co



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