Agriculture Opportunities In Anambra State


Anambra state is located in southeastern Nigeria. Its name is an anglicized version of the original ‘Oma Mbala’, the native name of the Anambra River. The capital and seat of government is Awka. Onitsha,Nnewi and Ekwulobia are the biggest commercial and industrial cities, respectively.

The state’s theme is “Light Of The Nation”.


Agriculture is the No.1 pillar in His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano’s administration. Agreeably, it has very high potentials for empowerment and employment generation, food security and poverty reduction. On assumption of office, Governor Obiano unfolded a master strategy to transform the agricultural sector into a leading player in national and global food markets. The State Government has made remarkable achievements in the agricultural sector and can be summarized as follows.

Agriculture Blue Print

On assumption of office, he inaugurated a 14 man Agriculture Blue Print team to design a road map for developing agriculture in the State. The team headed by a renowned agronomist, Professor C.P.E. Omaliko produced the blue print which has mapped the state to determine which crops performs well in certain places and gave recommendations on the way forward. The activities executed in the sector are based on the development plan.

Land Acquisition

The state government inaugurated the Land Acquisition Committee to help cut the bottlenecks of acquiring large expanse of land for agriculture. The committee has succeeded in sourcing land for Eckcel Farms, Del farms, Joseph Agro, Lyden farms, Coscheds farms etc. as at today, 65,000 hectares of land are available for investors and small holder farmers.

Youth Empowerment in Agriculture

In pursuance of the State Government Youth Employment in Agriculture, the State has established Agricultural Training Centre at College of Agric Mgbakwu. The first batch of 250 youths has been trained in various productions of livestock. These youths would be empowered to develop agriculture skills. The Agric Training Centre will be established in 3 senatorial zones of the state.

Here Are 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities In Anambra

1. Crop Cultivation Business

One of the very good ways through which an average farmer makes it big in Anambra is through crop cultivation. It is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, which is why some folks are doing all they can all the time to make sure that food is being cultivated. It is for that reason that there are lots of farmers in Anambra.

If you are looking for a business to start a business, then you can look towards cultivation of crops. You may not be the one who directly does the farming, if you don’t want to, you can look at employing the services of a farmer whilst you run the administrative part.

2. Palm Oil Production

Just like it is in other eastern states in Nigeria, palm oil production is one staple business that has continued to fetch money. This business is also called the ‘akwu’ business. This is one business idea that you can buy into. Be sure that you have a modern machine that is being used to produce palm oil.

3. Fishing Business

In recent times, the frozen business has continued to hold sway. However, there are still folks who have continued to smile to the banks with the fresh fish business. Fishing is one business that thrives in the state. You too can make this a viable business.

4. Crude oil Business

You can be a crude oil dealer in Anambra state and you can be sure to make loads of profit. Be sure to know the rudiments of the business because you would need to know the supply of the oil as well as the people to make supplies to.

5. Ceramic Business

If you look at Anambra then you would see that there are some ceramic industries doing well there. Doing this means that you can decide to go into the production of glassware, plates, spoons, as well as other ceramic materials. Be sure to have your industry located in a good site.

6. Boutique Business

One of the businesses that have continued to thrive in Anambra state is the boutique business. This means that you may also take to this line of business if you have the penchant for fashion. You may consider dealing in clothes, shoes, as well as other fashion accessories that may boom. Be sure to locate your shop in a strategic place where there is human traffic. Doing this would sure be tantamount to getting loads of clients.

7. Motor Spare Parts

This is one of the businesses that have always been synonymous with the people of Anambra. You too can start this money spinning type of business. The fact that there are a lot of people, who use automobiles, means that there would be an avalanche of people to patronize you. Be sure to get a grip on who your suppliers may be.

8. Tools fabrication Business

Tools fabrication business in Anambra has its hub in Onitsha. There are loads of people who have made this industry their line of business. Starting this type of business would be tantamount to being in money. However, you would be required to first learn the ropes. Be sure to get all the necessary training needed to start your tools fabrication business.

9. Interstate or Intracity transport Business

One of the most popular businesses in Anambra is the transportation business. What does this mean? This means that you can either make it an intercity shuttle of an intra city one. This industry is loaded with profit and benefits, and you can be sure to make the desired returns on investment pretty soon. You can start with a fairly used car or bus and be sure to break even soonest.

10. Frozen Foods Business

This is one business that has continued to thrive in this state. You can decide to go into this line of trade either as a wholesaler or a retailer. The profit margin in this venture in big and as such can motivate any one. Be sure that your business is located in a strategic place where profit is sure.

Input Support to Small Scale Farmers

The State Government through the ministry of Agriculture is providing improved seeds, planting materials and fertilizers to farmers in the state free of charge. So far, cassava cuttings, maize and rice seeds have been distributed to farmers to improve the productivity of small scale farmers. Also, the state government is participating in World Bank Sponsored Fadama Project, IFAD Assisted, RUFIN, IFAD Assisted Value Chain Development Project and Islamic Dev. Bank Sponsored National programme for food Security (NPFS). These projects also provide input support to small scale farmers.

Agro Control Centre

The Ministry of Agriculture has established Agro Control Centre with full internet facilities and equipment. This is achieved by the full support of His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano .The application/Platform (FIMS) Farmer information management system was developed going by international commodity exchange requirement which includes the traceability and mapping the farms into the platform. The platform will hold farmers Database of farmers and help for easy reporting and analysis of activities of the farmers activity. This is to enable the ministry receive information and farmers complaints for rapid response from experts in the ministry. Farmers can now channel their complaints via SMS to 08103524975.

Agric Fairs/Shows

The present administration has sustained agricultural shows to showcase agricultural produce from the state. The ministry has also in collaboration with International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) organized Cassava Show and Training of farmers on confectioneries production with cassava. The winners of the 2015 Agric Show were presented with gifts such as a Tri-cycle Truck for the best farmer, motorcycle for the second and third best farmers and 10 wheel barrows as consolation prices.

Two pronged Strategy

In order to achieve the desired result, two pronged approach were used by His Excellency. These include Public Private Partnerships (PPP) with large scale investors and offtakers and through the provision of support to small scale farmers.

Large Scale Commercial Farms

i. Cosched Farms

The State Government is partnering with Cosched Farms (a subsidiary of Coscharis Group) for Commercial rice processing at Anaku. The Expected output from the farm is 60,000MT with milling capacity of 150,000MT. The company has commenced operations and planted 500 hectares (HA) of rice farm. Currently the Cosched farms are using flat irrigation on over 1000 HA. Cocheds Farms Ltd is investing the sum of N50billion. A total of 2500HA of land was allocated to the farmer at Anaku and the investment is expected to create 2000 jobs / employment. The expected out-put is put at 60,000 MT of paddy with a capacity of 150,000 MT milling Machine.

Anambra State and Cosched Farms

ii. NOVTEC Farms Ltd

The State entered into partnership with NOVTEC Farms Ltd for the resuscitation of Anambra State Rice project at Omogho and Ndikelionwu. Operations have started and the company is currently installing sprinkler irrigation system at the site.
NOVTEC’s investment is worth $50,000,000 (Fifty Million Dollars) and cultivation rice on 450HA with over 300HA out grower model scheme.

iii. Lynden Integrated Farm

The PPP with Lynden Integrated Farms is for the development of a modern integrated poultry and production of high quality eggs and poultry meat in the state. Already, operations have commenced at Igbariam on the $61 million Us Dollar investments. Lynden ultra modern poultry investment is being developed on a 75HA land size and it is expected to provide over 1200 direct and indirect employment. Lyden farmers is investing the sum of N4.46billion (USD 61m). A total of 75HA of land was allocated to farm at Igbariam. The investment is expected to create about 1500 jobs / employment.

Anambra State and Lynden Integrated Farm

DelFarms Ltd

This is a $200,000 PPP investment with Delfarms; a Songhai Model Farms of Benin Republic to establish an integrated organic farm in each of the three senatorial zones of the state. The company has commenced operations at Igbariam on about 398 HA land size as part of their 2000HA of approved allocation. Del Farms Ltd is investing the sum of N11billion. The investment is expected to create about 1000 jobs (Direct jobs 300 indirect jobs 700).

Joseph Agro Ltd

The ANSG/Joseph Agro Ltd is making a $150,000,000 (Hundred Million Dollar)PPP investment for the rehabilitation of Omor Rice Mill and Irrigated Rice production at Omor and Ufuma. The farm has expected output of 100,000MT and mill size of 120,000 MT. The land has been identified and development commenced. Joseph Agro Ltd is investing the sum of N33billion. The farm was allocated 380HA at Ufuma and the investment is expected to create 1500 jobs (500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs)

vi. Eckcel Farms Ltd.

This is a $100, 000,000 (One Hundred Millon Dollar) partnership investment for commercial cassava production and production/processing of tomatoes at Omasi. The expected output is 80,000MT. The ground breaking has been done at Omasi and work has commenced at the site. Eckcel Farms Ltd is investing the sum of N22billion (USD 100m). A total of 2,500HA of land has been allocated to the farm at Omasi. The investment is expected to create about 1500 jobs(Direct jobs 500 Indirect jobs 1000).

vii. Tricity Integrated Farms

This is an $11.4 million Dollar investment on a 5HA land size and the partnership arrangement is for the establishment of a modern semi-automated abattoir in Awka. This will be scaled up to three (one in each senatorial zone of the state). The ground breaking has been done and the company will soon commence construction works. The investment will fetch over 1100 direct and indirect employment. Tricity Integrated Farms is investing the sum of 11.1million USD. A total of 5ha of land was allocated to the farm at Amansea. The investment is expected to create about 750 employment (Direct jobs 300, Indirect jobs 450).

viii. Grains and Silos Ltd

This is a $23.5 million Dollar investment and the partnership arrangement is for the setting up of grains silos and malting plant with state. The company has started land clearing and will commence construction next.
This investment will fetch over 150 direct and indirect employment.
Silos and Grains Ltd is investing the sum of N5.2 billion. A total of 5 ha was allocated to the farm at Nkwellezeunaka and the investment is expected to create 1500 jobs/employment in the state.

ix. Staple Crop processing Zone

Anambra State was selected to benefit from the SCP2 to be established at Ayamelum LGA. The state has provided 250 hectares of land at Omor while arrangement is being made to provide a zonal office for the SCPZ at Awka. The State Ministry of Agriculture is also furthering discussions with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture to kick state the project.


In order to boost mechanization, the state government procured 10new tractors with full complement of implements. The State Government is also into partnership with Eforce Agro Development for the procurement and management of 100 tractors at Awkuzu Tractor Base. The tractors have been supplied and operations have commenced. Under this arrangement, 10,000hectares of farm land were prepared across the state during the last planting season.

Improving the Quality of Rice

The State Government has established one modern Rice Mill at Omor with a destoner in order to improve the quality of rice produced in the state to meet international standards. More mills will be established in the rice producing communities in the state.

Distribution of Anambra State Rice

In line with the agricultural revolution programme of the State Government and in tandem with the local content policy of His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano, the State Ministry of Agriculture has commenced mass assembling of local rice for distribution to civil servants, public servants, pensioners and the less privileged as Christmas gift. The rice was destined, bagged and branded as “Anambra Rice”. The era of distribution of imported rice in the state is over, since the locally produced rice are more nutritious and has better aroma.

Sustainable off taking of Farm Produce

The State Ministry of Agriculture in furtherance of the state government’s initiative on the 21st Jan 2016 successfully landed its produce (Ugu and Onugbu) into Europe. This is a test run of 2.5MT to certify the conditioning centre and delivery of Anambra produce. The state has gone further to initiate training , Certification and networking interested off taker. Arrangements and understanding have been made with the logistic company ABX World Cargo& IFAOCM for their development of a conditioning centre for the preparation of the vegetables for export. This is also developed in partnership with Bosh produce, Eagle solution and Global Gap to export fruits and vegetable to European countries. The vegetable farmers are being trained on the right method of vegetable planting and use of organic fertilizer and pesticides. Certifications will be issued to successful farmers by Eagle Solutions Services Ltd of United Kingdom (UK).
The state is also making further arrangements with other off takers ie. Grand Cereal Ltd, UK trade and investment team, Global Gap etc. for the off take of agricultural produce from the state.

Oil, Plant and Water Lab.-1st of its kind in the country.

Soil, plant and water laboratory has been established in the ministry’s headquarters. The laboratory is for testing of soil plant and water. This is very important in agriculture for analyzing the soil, plant and water.

Anambra Rice: Commissioner Projects 210 Metric Tons’ Harvest
The state Commissioner for Agriculture, Mechanization, Processing and Export, Hon. Afam Mbanefo has said that Anambra state is expecting a harvest of 210 metric tons of rice at the end 2016 farming season, a major improvement from 2015 harvest of 190 metric tons.
The Commissioner who was addressing members of Aguleri Cooperative Group Association at Amanze Aguleri recently stated that there was a wide gap between the quantity of rice consumed and the quantity cultivated in Anambra state, adding that the state hopes to bridge this gap by projecting a harvest of 320 metric tons by the year 2017.
Mr. Mbanefo revealed that the reason behind the massive distribution of improved and certified seedlings by the Ministry and other project arms of the Ministry was to ensure a bumper harvest and the standardization of Anambra agricultural produce.
He went further to call on the farmers to collaborate with the Ministry in the actualization of the target; by using the inputs strictly on their farms according to specifications and instruction, most especially now, that Anambra Rice and Vegetables are gaining popularity in and outside Nigeria.
The Commissioner stressed the importance of farmers having their cooperative Identity cards at disbursment centers, as it makes identification and authentication of farmers easier.
Earlier in his remarks, the state Rice Project Manager, Mr. Jude Nwankwo revealed that provision of hybrid maize, furrow 44 rice seedlings and lime fertilizer is in fulfillment of Governor Obiano’s promise to Ndi- Anambra farmers. He expressed the state’s expectation that farmers should use the inputs for the purpose they were meant.
In his vote of thanks, Chief Joseph Anochie, Chairman of the Aguleri Cooperative Group Association, expressed joy over Governor Obiano’s largesse to farmers in the state and pledged their unalloyed support to his vision for the state’s agricultural sector.
Mr Alex Nnoruka, the Chairman of Ezinwanne Cooperative Aguleri, a recipient of the farm inputs thanked the Commissioner and pledged his commitment to use the inputs in his farm
Highlight of the occasion was the distribution of farm inputs to various cooperative groups among whom are Ifedinma Cooperative Aguleri, Divine Mercy multi- cooperative and Ezinwanne cooperative Aguleri.

Revolution in Anambra Agric Sector Is no Political Scam–Mbanefo

The Anambra State Commissioner for Agriculture, Mechanization, Processing and Export, Hon. Afam Mbanefo has stated that the giant strides currently being recorded in the state agricultural sector are real and not political gimmicks by the state government.
Hon. Afam Mbanefo speaking at an interactive session with press men in his office at ADP Complex Awka, called on Ndi Anambra to eschew the notion that government is trying to pull the wool over their eyes and embrace the Governor’s vision for Anambra agricultural sector.
“It is high time Ndi Anambra eschew negative notion about the sincerity of government regarding their welfare as it is seriously negating the developmental pace in the state,’ he said.
The Commissioner stated that in some communities in the state, it was very difficult to carry the farmers along because of this belief, citing situations in which farmers find it extremely difficult releasing land to government for agricultural purposes as major hindrances in boosting food production in the state.
“The Ministry is readily available and open to the public for inquires on whatever part of the government policies and plans they are not conversant with, this will help in clearing up misconception about government efforts as data and facts are available to back up every success stories recorded” he added.
Continuing, Hon. Mbanefo urged communities in the state to look at the larger picture partnering with the state government will yield in terms of development, employement and enlightenment.
Answering questions on government‘s efforts towards making Anambra self-sufficient in food production, Hon.Mbanefo, stated that government has gone on massive distribution of farm input to farmers, sensitization programmes on best agro practices that lead to bumper harvest and linking farmers to off takers, who are ready to off take their produce from them.
In addition, the Commissioner listed the provision of credit facilities at low interest rate through collaborations with financing institutions, provision of an export desk, cooperative desk and Agriculture library at the Ministry and the resuscitation of moribund agric projects, as part of the government’s effort.
Speaking further, the Commissioner revealed plans by the state to embark on all year round cultivation of Anambra Rice, through the provision of irrigation facilities at designated communities to increase rice production from 3000 to 4000 hectares obtainable in Anaku and Omor communities to 12 000 hectares. This will reduce scarcity as demand for the rice is coming in from Sierra Leone, Liberia and other parts of the world, he added.
Hon. Mbanefo stressed the importance of farmers to form cooperatives and register the cooperatives at the cooperative desk set up at the Ministry to be part of this revolution. The registration is at a reduced cost for farmers, he added.