Agriculture Investment Opportunities In Kwara State


Agriculture Investment Opportunities In Kwara State, Agriculture will always be central diversification, as the economy and society evolve. The vision is for an inclusive commercial agriculture sector that is focused on productive value addition in the local economy through a vibrant value chain. Such a sector will not be at the mercy of typical input supply and natural resource risks; thus necessitating the leadership of the private sector in ALL ramifications.

Kwara State Agricultural Modernization Master Plan (KAMP) ß hyperlink perfectly describes the current state of affairs, further illuminates the State’s vision for development, and clearly indicates how private sector can collaborate as the anchor for change.


  • 30% annual growth of foreign and local investors through new/proposed project values
  • 30% annual growth in the number of commercial agriculture ventures with cultivable land in excess of 50 hectares
  • By 2019: All commercial agriculture settlements in excess of 100 hectares have electricity, water, irrigation facilities less than 5km from main operational base
  • Availability of suitable agriculture financing to be accessed by minimum 70% of interested small and medium scale enterprises
  • Partnership with academic institutions in research for improved inputs
  • Farmer clusters supported by management training, financing, equipment, infrastructure and purchase contracts
  • PPPs & Collaborations in agriculture lab, irrigation and other water delivery mechanisms, input/equipment leasing, and financing arrangement

2 Small agriculture Opportunities in Kwara State

Poultry Farm Business

Agriculture Investment Opportunities In Kwara StateIf you are interested in the poultry business, then you should consider setting up a poultry farm in Kwara state. You can choose a location in the outskirt of Ilorin to build your poultry and you will still make good returns on your investment. Poultry farm is indeed a profitable business to start in Kwara state.

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Mechanized Farming

Agriculture Investment Opportunities in Kwara State, As a matter of fact, Nigeria is still a thriving ground for mechanized farming and Kwara state is ideal for this type of business. If you are looking towards starting your own mechanized farming, then you should consider Kwara state as one of your farm locations. There are varieties of crops you can cultivate in Kwara state. If you choose to concentrate only on coffee farming, you will still make a fortune because coffee can be exported from Nigeria to other parts of the world. for more details click here


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