Agriculture, A Beacon Of Hope For The Unemployed In Africa


Africa is blessed with many natural resources and great climate. With one of the fastest growing population rates in the world, the African economy is supposed to be booming. But the African continent has been bedeviled by unemployment for such a long time.

A lot of young and energetic people struggle to go through the university. After they compete searching for African jobs that are literally non-existent in a very competitive space.

The truth is, most people view agriculture as an option for illiterates and others who could not cut it academically. The success stories of great men such as Aliko Dangote have changed that narrative.

The question now is how the agricultural sector can solve the issue of unemployment. The answer is quite very simple to me. Studies have shown that agriculture is the backbone for most African economies. This means that agriculture is an active part of the cog that is slowly turning the fortunes of the continent.

Getting actively involved in agriculture is a no-brainer, the benefits are quite clear. The most obvious benefits are the provision of food stuffs and jobs. But aside these, the agricultural sector presents much more. It is one of the few areas that needs few special skills to be successful in. It is quite sad that more graduates have not turned their attention to it especially the unemployed

Agribusiness has transformed the agricultural landscape and is no longer as unattractive as it use to be. Today there are several links in the agribusiness chain that the unemployed can take advantage of. From the farm to processing and storage, down right to the final consumer, there are several opportunities that can help address the issue of unemployment.

Making a career out of agriculture or agribusiness can be simply done by knowing your particular interest in the sector. Then confidently and assiduously you can begin to play your part in growing the economy while being gainfully employed. But finding your place in such a hugesector can be quite tasking.

Seeking career advice is another thing most people take for granted. If more unemployed people sought such advice, they would not remain unemployed for long. At Wealth Bankers Job Arena, provision is made for career advice, counselling and guidance.

African countries and their leaders must begin to see the true potentials of agriculture and make it attractive to young people. This will not only solve the issue of unemployment but also provide a major boost for the local economies. The unemployed, especially the graduates must not look down on agriculture. There are so many success stories to be learnt from and that should serve as enough motivation to engage in agriculture.

One way for Africa to attain its development agenda, is to focus its attention on agriculture.
Unless the African continent concentrates on this sector, the future will remain bleak for this generation and the next.

Unemployment remains one of the major issues that has to be properly addressed in order to make Africa a great continent.


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