‘Agric produce central to Nigeria’s export industry’


The Farmers Meeting (MTFC) conference, aimed at exposing exporters of agricultural products to Nigeria to the inherent agrarian market in Dubai, ended in Lagos, organizers mourned the existing gaps between Nigeria and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The conference, organized by Crenov8 Consulting, brought together Nigerian farmers, exporters and other stakeholders in the agro-export value chain.

Business Lead, Crenov8 Consulting, Bola Oydele, said the firm based in Dubai, which decided to fill the gap between the Nigerian and agrarian markets of Dubai, created a platform for linking African agricultural producers with supporters in the Middle East and beyond. effectively translate business transactions, stating: "Agricultural products play a central role in Nigeria's export industry."

“It is not recommended to visit supermarkets in the UAE and to provide little or no nutrient-rich foods that come from the rich soils of Nigeria in particular and in Africa in general,” she said.

According to her, agriculture makes a significant contribution to national food self-sufficiency, accounting for more than 90% of all food consumption needs.

She noted that it helps maintain a healthy and peaceful population, as well as a source of food and nutrition for households.

Oyedele said: “In addition, the ultimate goal of economists’ interest in productivity should be to find ways to increase production per unit of input and achieve the desired inter-company, intra-company and inter-sector transfers of population resources, thereby providing the means to improve living standards.

“Consequently, Nigeria, which is a recognized agricultural country, as evidenced by the facts, including its contribution to GDP (gross domestic product), naturally fits tightly into our model; it is our reason to be here with you this morning to have a useful conversation about what we need to do together to highlight the presence of agriculture in the Middle East region in Nigeria. ”

Speaking of the agricultural sector, remains one of the main factors for a strong Nigeria economy, she urged key players in the agricultural sector to take the necessary steps to take part in this rare opportunity, as well as in the rapidly developing market of the Middle East, using Dubai as a hub.

The Executive Director of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Mr. Olusegun Awolowo, instructed Nigerian agribusinesses to try to understand the market, develop an export plan, export procedures and documentation.

He said that they should also choose a preferred approach to market entry, adding that efforts must be made to increase production and adopt international best practices in order to make their products attractive in the markets.

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