AfDB provides $1m for TAAT projects


The African Development Bank (AfDB), as part of its "Technology for African Agricultural Transformation" initiative (TAAT), has allocated $ 1 million as initial money for projects in 10 African countries. Professor-leader of the TAAT, Bernadette Fregene, spoke about this on Friday in Abuja at the planning meeting of the compact planning of TAAT-Aquaculture.

She said: "The African Development Bank gave the mandate for the TAAT aquaculture to cover one million, one hundred and fifty beneficiaries over three to four years, but since we cover 10 countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Zambia, Benin, Cote D'aff. , Ivoire, Cameroon, Tanzania and Burundi, we spent US $ 1 on this, but since Nigeria has the largest population, we target 350 beneficiaries that will be distributed to the agroecological zones of Nigeria, to the southwest, to the southeast and to north. "

Fregene explained that out of 350 beneficiaries, 20 percent are likely to be feeders, another 20 percent will be producers of feed seeds, then the remaining 60 percent are farmers who produce.

She added: "The whole purpose is for the farmer to get seeds that will grow on the market side for the expected time. Within five months, our Tilipia was supposed to grow to an average size of 300 to 700 grams, and the catfish rose to six grams to one kilogram for five to six months, "she added.

In addition, the director of the Federal Fisheries Department, Mohammed Muaz, noted that 90 percent of fish farmers depend on fish imports, because this gives them a result, adding that local fodder produced in Nigeria does not work.

"We need research work so that we can use local raw materials to combine this fish food, which will have a comparative advantage for the imported, unless we do this, farmers have more confidence in imported feed." The demand is 3.5 million metric tons, which is what we need every year to meet the requirements based on the recommended per capita consumption of fish by 17.5 kg by individuals "

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