70% of Nigeria smallholder farmers are women – Minister


Seventy percent of the 95% of small farmers who feed the nation are women, said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Audu Ogbe.

The minister, who did this at the opening of the First Unity Food Fair, organized by the National Council for Women (NCWS) to mark World Food Day (WFD), said that Nigerian women constitute 70 percent of agricultural labor, despite problems of access to only 20 percent production resources.

“Women are very involved in food in the forest, they collect products such as snails, vegetables, mushrooms and spices for local soups from all over the country. They play an important role in the exploration and preservation of our local flora, as well as national resources, ”he said.

Ogbe, represented by the director of the Agricultural Extension Service, Haji Karim Babangida, also said that the program should contribute to the development of local cuisine and food culture, adding that WFD is suitable because it reflects the current commitment of the administration to district unity, economic diversification through agriculture, a sustainable solution the major problems of women in agriculture, the provision of food and nutrition in Nigeria.

NCWS National President, Ms. Laraba Shoda, said that the 2018 Food Fair was designed for sustainable food security, as "we grow what we eat and eat, we grow," adding that it is a platform on which public and private stakeholders, consumers in the sector come together to showcase their products, ready-made consumables, fresh, raw, dry and processed local products.

“This will provide an opportunity to discuss, combine and propose viable and feasible strategies for zero hunger, as well as for the well-being and productivity of Nigerians.”

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