4 Simple Ways to Make Money in Yam Farming


This is not issue of bad government. Knowing the fact that yam can be used as food for man, feed for animals or even raw material for our industry, placed as a high-valued commodity in our country. Without many sentiments, I will introduce you to Four (4) ways by which you can make cool cash from this high-valued agricultural


Yam Farming1. Cultivate Yam: As stated before, yam is mostly grown in Nigeria. It yields best at places where there is rainfall of about 150cm throughout the farming season. You can start cultivating yam by clearing the bushes or your farmland and tilling it, making mounds or ridges depending on the size of yam you want to cultivate and the size you are expecting to harvest. After making your mound you can go ahead planting your small whole yams or portions you cut out from whole yam. After planting the yam, you have to weed the farm as soon as the weeds grow to some height. Yam takes about 5 months to mature (depends on the specie). The yield of your yam depends on the type of the soil, specie of yam, crops you inter-planted it with and whether condition. Yam can be kept for months without getting spoilt, thus its storage is not a headache. Once you harvest your yam, its market is there waiting for you. In your neighborhood, your local market, people living in the city, traders and many more. Cultivate yam today and wait for some months to count your cash as you carefully watch over and at the same time, help grow your country.

2. Trade Yam: If you are not in areas suitable for cultivation of yam don’t panic because this is another way you can make cash with this important farm product. This is a nice part-time or full time business one can go into and reap bulky benefits. It requires capital but depends on how you want to start it. The first thing to do is to locate your expected market (populated cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Port-Harcourt etc.) and where to source from (places that cultivate enough yam like Benue, Ondo etc.). You can make more inquiry for this. Make contact with the sellers from the source states (you can get their contact from those traders that are into the business before you or you can travel to the state and ask people around but make sure you have a place to stay so that you don’t get stranded). Purchase sample and get them to your expected market. Now, you will choose whether to sell to direct consumers or to sell to retailers knowing your profit margin after expenses. Whichever that suits your style, go ahead to boom your business by adding more effort, time and capital if need be. You will be surprise how cash will be rolling into your pocket.

Yam Farming23. Process Yam Flour: this is another way you can make money without going to the farm to cultivate or carrying bulky tubers of yam from one state to another. Here, your market is almost everywhere but you have to source your raw-material (yam) from where you have abundant yam if you hope for much profit margin. You will add the effort of peeling and slicing the tubers, and then dry them under the sun or oven (whichever way that suits you). You now need grinding machine to grind the slices into fine powder. You can then package it in your labeled bag of 0.5kg, 1kg etc. It is advice to use your labeled bags for more advertising of your product. People that work in places like banks and other firms that do not have enough time to make their pounded yam automatically become your customers. You will need to get your business registered by NAFDAC as soon as you start growing to avoid problems.

Yam Farming34. Roost, Cook or Pound Yam for Sale: In this era, fast food business with varieties of dishes is one of the lucrative businesses one can do in major cities of Nigeria where there are market places, shopping malls, workshops and many others. But to start up such business like Mr. Biggs requires heavy capital. You can dive into this business from another angle, which is by providing roosted yam/stew, porridge yam or pounded yam. First, get stationed at a strategic place in a public area. Make the place (whether rented or built by you) comfortable for anyone to enjoy his/her meal. Then you can make only yam your special dish which you can prepare in three ways i.e. as porridge, roosted or pounded. You use the take-away foil to dish out your pounded yam which one can use any soup of his/her choice to devour it. You will be surprised to see rich men hopping in for roosted yam and the take-away pounded yam. You can imagine your profit you will make from this.