3000 women get 35,000 Noiler Birds in Ogun


Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited commended Governor Ibikunl Amosun's administration for reducing poverty, improving the living standards of rural women and ensuring their economic independence through the Bird Enrichment Program.

Speaking at the second stage of the activation and distribution of Noiler Birds in Ogun state, the group's managing director, Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery, Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, said that the program, which witnessed the distribution of 35,000 Noiler birds for 3,000 rural women in three senatorial districts state, demonstrated the government's commitment to agricultural development.

Odunthun, who spoke about his company's commitment to empowering villagers and a success story in Ogun, said the program was an extension at the first stage, when 1,000 rural women received 10,000 novice birds in partnership with British American Tobacco Nigeria.

He said: "Noiler can significantly reduce child retardation, infant mortality, maternal mortality, as it solves the problem of poverty and malnutrition.

The testimonies of previous beneficiaries (farms of small farmers) indicate that Noiler Bird, a double breed, is suitable for rearing a backyard. The objectives of the Neuler project, among other things, are to increase the incomes of rural women, improve the nutrition of households and increase the productivity of women. This, in the long run, reduces poverty among rural people by improving the quality of life through the production of meat and eggs. "

According to him, 15 years of work and investment to develop Noiler.

He added: "Its uniqueness as a Nigerian product led to the fact that it was named Noiler to celebrate Nigeria.

"Bird Noiler Bird is a bird with a dual purpose that grows fast and more than local birds, more than local birds, but most importantly, it will survive in the backyard countryside with fewer resources," Odunthan said. .

He noted that Birds Noiler Bird easily and cheaply go out because of their ability to eat leftovers from kitchens and farms and successfully work in different areas from Maiduguri to Jenaga.

"He can lay four times as many eggs as the local birds, and can grow two and a half times more. Fodder for poultry accounts for 70 percent of the costs of farmers in poultry farming in the country, but with the initiative of Noiler farmers spend less on fodder, as Noiler birds can feed and survive on household remnants. "

According to Oduntan, Noiler powder is resistant to common diseases, such as local birds, and beef is delicious and tough. They can be grown without antibiotics and chemicals, and they can be grown as "organic chickens".

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