2018 Agric Show: Kano, Niger, Kebbi emerge best exhibitors


Kano, Niger and Kebbi countries won the best exhibitors at the 2018 National Agricultural Exhibition.

Representing awards to exhibitors, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, said that states are actively involved in crops, fisheries, large and small ruminants at the exhibition.

He appreciated the recipients of the awards and encouraged others to perform well during the upcoming show at the fort.

"I also thank some state that wanted to be here, but because of some problem, they could not do it this year, each has its own circumstances at any given time, therefore I look forward to a larger number of such states .

“The goal of the show is that all states participate, and some states participate for a time, in fact, we don’t have enough words to express our gratitude to them.

Adam expressed concern about weak participation, said: “The essence of this show is not to come and sell products, but to come and show what Nigeria produces, but if you find buyers for what you show well, but if you don’t, be according to this.

“The main goal is not to turn into the market and is not a trade fair, but to bring the raw materials that have been produced to the agricultural exhibition.

"To show where they are processed, to improve the addition and change of value, and to show what Nigeria is producing," he said.

Other recipients of the award at the exhibition include research institutes, the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC), the National Center for Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM), women's cooperatives and others.

Also speaking at the closing ceremony, the National Coordinator of the National Agricultural Fund of Nigeria (NAFN), Dr. Samuel Negedou, said that recipients of remuneration will receive a reward of N300,000, N200,000 and 100,000, respectively.

He commended states and others for their contribution to achieving success.

One of the recipients of the award, Alhaji Umar Mohammed, Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture of the Niger and Rural Development, said it was nice to be recognized by the state.

“Our efforts paid off because we never missed an agric show since it began.

“It’s a good feeling to claim the second position as the best overall exhibitor, the Nigerian state is an agrarian state, and if we don’t show it; it will be because we always have no equal.

“The reward will help us, as infantrymen, do more in agriculture”, Said Muhammad.

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