18 fertiliser blending plants revived under PFI-FEPSAN


According to the Nigeria Fertilizer Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (FEPSAN), in accordance with the President's Fertilizer Initiative (PFI), Eighteen fruit plant reproduction plants have been successfully restored.

Association President Thomas Etuh made a revelation in Abuja, stating that regenerated plants are now functioning.

According to Etuha: “We had six fertilizer plants operating at 10 percent, but with the introduction of PFI, we switched to 11 plants at the first stage, and today 18 out of 32 plants are involved in this program.”

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He added that Nigeria will soon become an exporter of nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers due to the huge investments in industry over the past three years.

He also stated that: “I know that Aliko Dangote will start production in the next two to three years, and others will also appear. Nigeria is currently a net exporter of urea-based fertilizers. ”

“When the Dangote plant, which comes on board, and INDORAMA increase to the second line, we will produce about seven million tons of fertilizers. About 70 percent of fertilizers will be exported, and the remaining 30 percent will be used domestically, ”he said.

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