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Agriculture is the main occupation of Borno State. It involves 80 per cent of the population. Farming, fishing and animal husbandry represent the main agricultural activities in the state.

The key agricultural produce of  the state include millet, sorghum, wheat, rice, mangoes, citrus fruits, vegetable, gum-Arabic, onions, carrots, groundnuts, berries etc. The state has consolidated its hold in these areas.

AGRICULTURE OPPORTUNITIES IN BORNO STATE Africa2BFarmers1The goal of the government is to increase food production to achieve internal food sufficiency, while providing the enabling environment to boost export production.

Experts in the industry see the opportunities and bright promise that Borno State is holding out for the future. A strong agricultural state, good climate and a lot of land for agricultural production to feed the Northern region.

Following the Federal Government efforts to boost the production of major cash crops, farmers in the state can benefited from strong economic performance. Continued high prices in crop and livestock markets are predicted, meaning that prospects for the farmers look solid in the year ahead.”

The sector will see an increase in overall farm income levels due to higher prices for grains and oilseeds. The government needs private investors to play an important role its agriculture and agri-food sector. The Ministry of Agriculture is targeting development of agriculture and related industries.

This means increasing the competitiveness of the sector, increased volumes of production, and improved the social sphere in rural areas. The governments want to keep positive growth in livestock breeding and the livestock industry. This will include increasing meat production by construction and upgrading of livestock and poultry facilities. Share of pedigree livestock has increased. There is state wide effort to improve quality of cattle and, replace less productive breeds with more productive breeds.  The    main goals of the state programme on development of agriculture is  food security, support of adequate level of farmers’ profits, support of the attractiveness of agriculture for investment, and the complex development of the social sphere in rural areas.

Subsequently, the government has outlined new priorities including, development of agro-food market infrastructure, support of private farms and small agricultural enterprises, support of exports of agricultural products, upgrading of food and processing industries and  strategic measures aimed at mitigation of weather and climate risks.

The state government ha planned to increase competitiveness of the agricultural sector using the negotiated favourable terms to woo foreign and local investors. The strategy supports infrastructure development, social development of rural territories, irrigation and land reclamation. The state governments want to use agric to promote employment and advance the social and economic welfare of residents, ensure small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have opportunity to participate in the sector and review its policies to ascertain restrictive practices which may adversely affect the economic interests of farmers.

The sector is witnessing considerable transformation and commercial orientation and it has to be strengthened for effective competition.

AGRICULTURE OPPORTUNITIES IN BORNO STATE Cassava farmThe government is providing a wide range of farm inputs, including fertilisers, improved seeds, herbicides, pesticides and agricultural implements and machinery. Certain farm services are also subsidised.These include land clearing and tractor hiring services, irrigation, farm credit, extension services, and agricultural insurance. Fertiliser was the most prominent of the various inputs and activities subsidised by the government. To improve competitiveness, the government is improving access to market information not only for the traditional food crops but also for other crops of industrial importance. The state is establishing the environment for a thriving and competitive indigenous agribusiness sector that relies on a-system of flourishing and innovative enterprises.

The frame work will be sustained by good infrastructure, regulations and access to appropriate financing. Addition to access to proper equipment and maintenance services, the government wants agric entrepreneurs to be able to assess market feasibility and raise investment capital. The considerable amount of training is involved address the needs of farmers in the rural areas on the need to embrace modern farming technology. Farmers are taught new technologies and connected to the state’s agriculture ministry, and research centres.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Borno State

1. Groundnut Farming

Borno state is one of the states in Nigeria that is highly suitable for the cultivation of groundnuts. If you are interested in starting a business in the agric sector in Borno state, then you should consider starting your own groundnut farm. It is cheaper and most convenient to start farming groundnut in a commercial level in Borno state.

2. Motor Bike and Tricycle Sale and Repair Shop

Motor bikes and tricycles are the most common means of transportation in Borno state, especially within short distance routes around the state. If you have the capital required, you can go into the importation of motor bikes and tricycles and you are sure of getting buyers. If you want to make it big with this type of business, you can as well add the sale of spare parts and repairs of motor bikes and tricycles to your business.

3. Transportation Business

Transportation business is another business that an entrepreneur can comfortably start in Borno state. Although this type of business is capital intensive because of the cost of purchasing brand new buses, but if it is well managed, you are sure going to get good returns on your investment. Loads of people travel from Maiduguri the state capital to Abuja, Jos, Lagos and other parts of Nigeria on a daily basis hence if your interstate transportation company is well positioned, you will attract these clients.

4. Football Viewing Centre

People in Maiduguri especially the youths love watching football matches and most of these matches (English premiership and Spanish La Liga) are not shown on local TV stations. You can leverage on this need and start a football viewing centre – a place where people can come watch their favorite team play.

All you need to do to start this type of business is to rent a space that is big enough to contain over 50 people, get big TV screens ( 2 or 3 will be ok for a start), a power generating set, chairs and a satellite TV decoder. Just ensure that your Football viewing centre is secured and you will attract loads of football lovers.

5. Cattle Ranch

Cattle ranch is another business that is viable and profitable to start in Borno state. Meat and milk are generally consumed by most households in Nigeria except for very few people who are vegetarians. Once you can successfully setup your cattle ranch in Borno state, you can explore the market in the southern part of Nigeria to sell your cattle. It is more profitable to sell in the southern part of Nigeria than in the North.

6. Tomato Processing Plant

Borno state is also highly suitable for the cultivation of tomatoes and one of the futuristic businesses an investor should think of starting is tomatoes processing plant. The fact that you can get your raw material at a very cheap rate in Borno state, cheap labor and cheap land makes it profitable to setup a tomato processing plant.

7. Onion Farming Business

Onion is another crop that can easily be cultivated in Borno state. You can start your own onion plantation in Borno state, and then make plans to transport it to other parts of the Country and even neighboring countries as well.

8. Electronics Shop

If you are looking towards starting an easy to setup business in Borno state, then you can consider opening your own electronic shop. Just ensure that you rent a shop in one of the major markets in Maiduguri and you will sure have enough customers that will patronize you on a daily basis.

9. Water Refill Station

Most homes find it difficult accessing pipe borne water, simply because the government have not been able to make it possible. Most residence in Maiduguri and other smaller cities in Borno state patronize local water vendors. You can leverage on this need and establish your own water refill station. Once people know that they can get treated water from your station, at a cheap rate, they will sure buy from you.

10. Mechanic Workshop

Maiduguri is one of the biggest cities in Northern Nigeria and it boasts of having high volume of automobiles. If you are a trained mechanic, you can establish your own mechanic workshop and you won’t struggle to attract customers.

The government believes harnessing its agricultural resources will contribute to the national income.

To this end, it is championing mechanised and commercial arable farming.

The government hopes to improve the living standard of farmers and increased productivity.

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