Agriculture Opportunities In Abia State

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Agriculture in Abia state: “A Haven For Investors”

Abia State is an agricultural investor’s delight. With fertile lands and located in the rainforest belt of Eastern Nigeria. Most crops do very well in the state. The State had numerous commercial agricultural companies but most of them packed up over time due to mismanagement and corruption.

The Abia State Government is therefore desirous of entering into partnership with investors that will assist her develop her agricultural potentials.

Atthemoment, the Frie-EI Consortium of Italy are vigorously reactivated the Abia Palm Estate in Ohambele, Ukwa-East Local Government Area.

The company, which has already revitalized the Mbawsi Oil Mill as a show of its capabilities is set to turn the fortunes of the vast Ohambele Palm Estate around.

The State Government has equally acquired land at Okwoi for the pilot project of massive planting of plantains and bananas using the Songhai Farm model in conjunction with the Catholic Diocese of Umuahia.


    Land Area –  360 Hc
    Project –  Poultry Production
    Land Area – 75Hc
    Project – Poultry production, Cattle, Piggery, Sheep and Goat Rearing, Honey Production, Fishery and sundry related products.
    Land Area – 160Hc Planted, 28Hc Fallow Project Cashew Nut, by-product Production.
    Land Area – 220Hc
    Projects – Cocoa and Cocoa Beans Production
    Land Area  – 22Hc
    Projects – Fish Production,
    Vegetable Production

The Abia Palm Nursery at Okwoyi

  • 100,000 improved oil palm seedlings, which has been distributed to Abia farmers.
  • 55 Tractors acquired for distribution to farmers in Abia State.
  • Over I million improved F3 Amazon Cocoa Seedlings distributed free of charge to Abia farmers.
  • Oil Palm Estates in the State ceded to Foreign InvestorsLand acquired at Okwoyi for the pilot project of massive planting of plantains and bananas using the Songhai farm model.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Abia State

1. Crude Oil Business

One of the features of the states that make up the Niger-delta is the fact that they are oil producing states. This also holds sway with Abia state, as oil is being produced there. One of the ways that you may consider cashing in on this is by dealing in crude oil. This means that you may be required to be a supplier of crude oil. This is one sure way to make huge profit, as you would definitely get loads of people to patronize you because of the high demand for oil.

2. Palm Oil Production

Agriculture Opportunities In Abia State FARMERThis is one business that has existed from time immemorial and isn’t going to go into extinction just yet. Why is this so, you might wonder? It is because of the fact that the uses of palm oil would continue to be. Whilst some demand for palm oil (akwu) because of the importance it plays in our meals, yet others demand for it because of its industrial use; like making of soap, and what have you. In Abia state plamoil production is one of the predominant businesses engaged in the rural areas.

3. Textile Production

One of the things that are synonymous with Aba is the production of textiles. This is done in such a way that there are customers who travel from far and wide states to do businesses there. If you have a penchant for production then you may want to consider the textile industry. The returns on this kind of business are high and you can even be sure of exporting your goods.

4. Food Production Business

It is important to note that one of the staple businesses of the people of Abia state is the farming business. From the time of old the people of this place have been the ones producing about eighty percent of the foods they eat. You too may look to this line of business if you have the passion for the agricultural sector. Foods like; Yams, cocoyam, pumpkin leaves, amongst others are the type of crops that can be produced on a large scale. What’s more, you may also decide to sell to traders in neighboring states.

5. Fairly Used Items

In the city of Aba and all over Abia one of the businesses that have continued to soar over the years is the second hand items business which is popularly called the ‘okrika’ business. The goods which are sold are gotten very cheap rate and it is resold to folks. There is very great profit in this business when you look to sell the right things. You may consider things like; clothes, shoes, gadgets, amongst others.

6. Garment Production Business

It is common to see tailors in different parts of the states in Nigeria. However, one very special thing with the tailors in Aba is that they are known to produce very durable garments like; suits, shirts, gowns, and what have you. If you want to start a business that would yield profit in the nearest future, then you may consider going to acquire tailoring skills. Also, tailors in Aba are known as wizards as they are gurus when it comes to mimicking designer styles.

7. Garri Production

It is no longer news that cassava is one crop that can easily be found in Nigeria. It is no wonder that in Abia state that there are a thousand and one families who make garri both for personal and commercial purposes. You too may start this line of business as there are loads of people who eat garri on a daily basis.

8. Bush meat Business

In Abia state there are people who live on the bush meat business. This is because there are some folks who prefer to eat bush meat like antelope, grass cutter and other forms of bush meat to eating the regular cow and goat meat. If you have a penchant to hunt for animals, then you may consider making a livelihood from this.

9. Foot Wear Production

In the commercial city of Aba lie different footwear manufacturing industries. The shoes that have been manufactured in this city over the years are such that have been exported to different parts of Nigeria. This has earned goods made in Aba the name; ‘Aba made’. You may consider tapping into this line of business if profit making is uttermost on your mind.

10. Pharmaceutical Business

It is longer news that the need to have a sound health is key 7. Therefore one business that you can consider starting in Abia state is the pharmaceutical business. These drugs are gotten from reliable pharmaceutical companies and then sold to the people from pharmacies. If you are a pharmacist or have a penchant for this line of business, then you would want to try this.

Indeed, Abia state is a place where you can make loads of income when you put your mind to it, you just be sure that you have all it takes to set one or more of this business rolling.

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