How To Harvest And Store Corn


• Corn is the second most developed nourishment plant on the planet, after wheat.

Corn is prepared for reap around 17 to 24 days after the principal fine strands of silk show up at the highest point of the ears. Corn may age all the more rapidly in hot climate and all the more gradually in cool climate.

Pick corn after silks have turned dark colored and end up noticeably dry. Ears ought to be stout and full to the touch and green. Parts unmistakable at the tip of the ear ought to be full-sized and yellow or white.

Test for readiness: To make certain an ear is prepared for picking, peel back the highest point of the husk an inch or two and cut a portion with your fingernail. In the event that the fluid is smooth, it’s reap time. In the event that the fluid is clear and watery, the corn is youthful and not ready; hold up one more day or two and test once more (yet place a paper sack over the ear to anticipate creepy crawly or flying creature harm until gather). On the off chance that the fluid is velvety or there is no sap, the ear is past ready and the taste will be boring, not sweet. Consummately matured corn will be sugary-sweet when tasted crude.


Picking corn: To gather an ear of corn, bolster the stalk with one hand and hold the ear solidly and curve descending and far from the stalk. The curve ought to expel the ear from the stalk.

The best time to gather corn is in the morning when it is cool and before ears are warmed by the sun. Picking corn amid the warmth of the day will bring about a fast change of common sugars to starch. Pick at a young hour in the day when ears are sweetest

On the off chance that you should pick corn amid the warmth of the day, instantly dive the ears into icy water or put them on ice for around 30 minutes. This will moderate the transformation of sugars to starch.

Most corn plants will yield two ears for each stalk. A moment ear will show up after the first and will be littler than the first. Some half breed assortments may yield more than two ears for each stalk.

Corn for new use: For crisp eating, corn ought to be cooked as not long after reap as could be expected under the circumstances—inside a hour or two for best flavor. Try not to evacuate the husks until you are prepared to cook. You can store unhusked corn in the cooler for up to seven days. Most assortments will keep in the cooler for up to one week.

Solidifying corn: Corn solidifies well in the wake of whitening. You can whiten and solidify corn either on or off the cob.

Canning corn: Can corn utilizing a pressure cooker.

Pickling corn: Immature ears can be cured.



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