8 Things you never knew about the Palm Tree


Palm tree is an important tree in Africa. It is mostly grown in the southern part of Nigeria. It is always a tall solo stem tree without branches but has fronds. The Palm tree parades a few species which could short, average height or extremely tall (like the wild type).

There are many products we can get from the palm three. Some you may have known, and some you may not have known. These products include: broom, palm wine, palm oil, palm kernel, palm fruit, palm kernel oil, wood or plank and frond stall.

Palm Tree1  8 Things you never knew about the Palm Tree Palm Tree1USES OF THESE PRODUCTS

1. Broom: The primary use of broom is for sweeping.

2. Palm wine: This is wine in its natural state with mild alcoholic content and containing yeast. It could be sweet or sour, and comes directly from the palm tree. It is also used in producing other wines including alcoholic beverages.

3. Palm oil: This is used in making of soups and other traditional Nigerian meals.

4. Palm kernel: it can be eaten raw when the husk is removed.

5. Palm fruit: it can be eaten raw or boiled.

6. Palm kernel oil: it is used as raw cream and can still be used in processing or production of creams.

7. Wood or plank: The stem of the tree can be made into woods for fuel or planks to use in making buildings.

8. Frond stall: this is used as purling in making roofs.

These are few of what we can get from this important tree. Planting of this tree can yield great lasting income since you can harvest wine, make palm oil, make broom, make kernel oil and others from this tree without destroying the tree. You can gain more if you have the plantation.


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